Boat Refugee Foundation

The Foundation was started when founders Annerieke and René Berg saw a picture of a girl floating in the Mediterranean Sea in May 2015. It touched them deeply, and they decided they had to do something. Many others around them wanted to help, either by making donations or by helping practically, and so the Boat Refugee Foundation (BRF) was born. BRF wants to make a difference in places that need it the most. Through our volunteers we offer specific, practical help to desperate and vulnerable people on the run. Throughout the years BRF worked in many different places. At the moment BRF is working on Lesvos, Greece, where thousands of people are stuck in the overcrowded Camp Moria.


A decent reception and adequate care for refugees who reach Europe. Treat people as human beings – that is what BRF stands for. From a humane perspective, we see it as our responsibility to fight injustice within our circle of influence. We do this by providing medical assistance, psychological support, education, advocacy and community building.

Mission Statement

BRF is committed to help people in need. We provide necessary medical care and psychosocial support. We increase self-reliance, empower people and offer help so that people can cope with life again. We opted for this form of assistance because this is where our expertise lies. We bring light and hope where darkness threatens to prevail. We do all this with the help of our thousands of volunteers and donors.

Volunteer Roles

Our medical team consists of doctors, nurses and support crew (crowd control). Five or six days a week you will be working in our clinic in Moria camp. The medical team runs evening shifts and provide primary and emergency care. The variety in complaints is wide; from flu-like symptoms and relatively simple problems, to severely ill patients and acute psychological complaints.

Our volunteers can stay with us in one of the volunteer houses. One of the houses, called ‘The Red House,’ is the place
where we have our meetings and dinners together, where you can relax and socialize with other volunteers. It is also the starting point from where we leave for our shifts. The house has the feeling and facilities of a hostel. You share a room with a maximum of four others (male and female). To live in one of the volunteer houses, you pay 10 Euro per day for the first 30 days. From the 2nd month, your accommodation is free. It is not mandatory to live in one of the houses. You can choose to look for another accommodation yourself.

Before arrival your main contact will be the planner. The planner is there to answer all your questions and to provide you with all the information you need before you leave. After arriving on Lesvos, your contact person will be the volunteer coordinator.

BRF has a few team cars available for the volunteers. These cars can be used to drive between the camp and the volunteer house. BRF covers the fuel expenses when the cars are used for work. In case you would like to use a car for private reasons, you pay 15 Euro per day and you need to fill up the tank to the level it was before you left.


  • Flights – Volunteer
  • Accommodation – Volunteer
  • Food – Volunteer
  • Transport-In-Country – Project
  • Visa – Volunteer
  • Travel Insurance – Project
  • Medical Indemnity – Volunteer

Volunteer Requirements



Other skills/experience

Not required


Must be fully licensed in volunteer’s home country


English (translators available)

Clinical experience

2 years

Time commitment

6 weeks minimum

Volunteering experience

None required

Driving license


Contact Details: