Esuubi Community

Information from the project Founder, Dr Kenny.

I am both a physician and a minister.  I grew up in rural Uganda without access to health care, and at the age of 17 I watched both of my parents die of HIV/AIDS only one month apart.

With the help of donations from an American volunteer, I was able to attend medical school and I returned to the underserved areas of my upbringing, in hope of preventing the type of tragedies that I experienced.  Due to the shortage of doctors in Uganda, my decision to abandon lucrative positions in the city to work for free is seen as ridiculous to many.

We work in a community of about 20,000 people and we are the only functional trained medical personnel to help all the people in this community.  The impact of our work is enormous, as we see patients who otherwise could not afford to have a medical worker help them.

Mission Statement

To empower communities to be self-sustaining and productive.


To reach people with free medical services in the poor communities of Uganda.


  • Transparency
  • Serving excellently
  • Strengthening family units
  • Improving the livelihoods of all community members

Volunteer Roles

Volunteers work for 6 hours each day directly with Dr Kenny, and stay with us in a community.

We leave the compound where we stay in the morning and run a mobile clinic where the patients find us. This could be under the tree, in a school building, or in a church.

Sometimes we ride on the motor bike into deeper communities to meet patients who can’t come to meet us where we are.

We also do a lot of HIV awareness in schools, communities and organised groups, and we teach young mothers about family planning and nutrition for their children.


  • Flights – Volunteer
  • Accommodation – Volunteer
  • Food – Volunteer
  • Transport-In-Country – Volunteer
  • Visa – Volunteer
  • Travel Insurance – Volunteer
  • Medical Indemnity – Volunteer

Volunteer Requirements



Other skills

Not required


Must be fully licenced in volunteer’s home country



Volunteering experience

Not required

Clinical experience

Not specified

Time commitment

2-4 weeks

Driving license

Not required

Contact Details: